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I'm Lee.


Thanks for visiting my page! Glad you're here, where you'll find all of my latest projects including NFTs, books, and other artwork.

From as far back as I can remember, I've had a fierce curiosity for learning. Skimming the surface was never satisfying to me in anything I did. I want my thoughts to be provoked, I want intense relationships that go deep, I want to explore why certain patterns of mine keep arising and how to hack my brain to find awareness.


My creative journey began when I was young, where writing and painting were often used to combat anxiety and spiritual angst. Fast forward to a plot twist where my previous worldview was shattered and I found myself in a different timeline of progression. 


Sometimes things aren't what they seem and that realization will slowly grind you down to question everything. Luckily for me, new information began to pop up in my life with impeccable timing.

During these times, I devoured every science, spirituality, health, business, motivation, creativity, self-discipline, and happiness book, blog, podcast and friendly conversation I could find. Wonderful people began to show up in my life that had similar interests and goals. Changing my mindset and learning about neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality were game-changers. 

I'll never claim to have all the answers, but if I can share something I've learned that just helps even one person improve their day, I'm fully satisfied. 

As I've grown, my world view has drastically changed, but luckily that curiosity is still as fired up as ever. When it comes to writing, I love sharing what has worked well for me and the amazing people in my life, which is ultimately how Fearless Focus was born. 

With art, I've explored countless mediums that have stirred up positive emotions. The new digital world is awe-inspiring and I'm grateful to be a participant. I'm happy to continue to create meaningful work I can share with others, whether it be on a marketplace like Etsy or OpenSea.

When I'm not writing or working on art, I love to hike, dance, and listen to classic rock and stand-up comedy routines. 

You can find my social media links below and if you have any questions about commissions or other business-related inquiries, please go to "contact" above.


Each of the art pieces you see on this website are original and one-of-a-kind, made by yours truly.  I appreciate your continued support. 

Thank you,



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