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We are in…yes, you guessed it: “unprecedented times.” 


With so many distractions and chaos flooding our brains, 

we might feel pretty out of sorts.

Do you find yourself unable to concentrate? Is technology capable of hijacking your brain and minutes somehow magically turn into hours before you snap out of it? Ever feel like you're on auto-pilot and going through the motions?


Are you open to learning something new? To experience

some new and profound information that could

you've never considered?

I am passionate about finding these a-ha moments,

especially when it comes to new ways to focus and

the way our brains operate.

Fearless Focus is filled with a variety of different

techniques so you’re sure to find a couple that

could really resonate. Eventually turn these positive

patterns into massive results with

unlimited upward trajectory.

Arm yourself with this helpful reference and quick read. 

Knock it out in a matter of hours and move on to what this

book is all about; trying the techniques it offers

to achieve a positive outcome.

Pick up your copy or listen today!


This is why intentional

thinking is more important

now than ever before. Awareness is key

when trying to find

the patterns that will

help us unlock our

best lives. These

realizations in my own

life and finding what

worked for me is the

reason for this book, 

Fearless Focus. 


Supplement the Fearless Focus book with the Fearless Focus Planner.

Start fresh with a new planner and feel confident about planning your focus on what truly matters; your future growth and development into whatever is calling you!

The FEARLESS FOCUS PLANNER is designed to help organize your thoughts week to week.

This 6 month (27 weeks total) format comes complete with:

MONTHLY PLANNING SECTIONS: Start each month with a wide view of where you're going, complete with a calendar you can fill in and a notes section.

WEEKLY DIVIDE & CONQUER LISTS: Divide your tasks into Urgent & Important, Important, Urgent, and Neither with this helpful section that shows you what tasks you need to prioritize.

NOTES: Next to each Divide & Conquer list is a page that you can use to reiterate task notes and figure out the next action plan for your must-do tasks.

HABIT TRACKERS: Scientifically proven to keep you on track by visually seeing your progress.

WEEKLY SECTIONS: Divided into 7 days of the week, this be used for gratitude writings, scheduling appointments, weekly planning, or daily to-do lists.

Using this planner will help you gain a better understanding about who you are and what is most meaningful to you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay organized for the next 6 months, click Buy Now!



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"...Why do I resist? Where is my time going? Fearless Focus had me exploring these questions and digging deep into my mindset. Through this book, Lee provided me with the tools I am now implementing to get me back to focusing on what I truly want and need in my life to be a success."

Amanda L

5 stars, Goodreads

"Ever lose control of what your own mind is thinking? Can’t seem to stop thinking about something (or a lot of things)? This excellent book will help you gain control and focus in easy-to-implement suggestions. It will help you dig deep into mindset and changing your way of thinking (or not thinking). Loved it! Plan on reading it again to capture what I might’ve missed the first time!"

Rob S
5 stars, Amazon

"The author is an authoritative, yet down-to-earth guide, sharing her own struggles and how she was ultimately able to find focus. Many options are laid out so that the reader can try whatever feels right. I enjoyed the book and took away some new ideas to try."

Liz B

5 stars, Amazon


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